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What's New at Pegasus Artist Gallery?

May 3rd, 2005


Welcome to the Pegasus Art Gallery, where we are ready to delight your eye and touch your spirit with the wonderful art of the PAG members. Please join me in enjoying all of the wonderful artists in the Pegasus Art Gallery. This Gallery is growing by leaps and bounds! I must say I am proud to offer such a fine selection of creative work from 229 International artists! All of our artists show imagination, uniqueness and insight. Most of the work here is linked back to the artists' own sites. Many of these offer fine work for sale - a perfect gift for that special person! Please do come in and browse the galleries. You'll be sure to find something to delight you. We do not sell the art work directly, but the individual artists can be contacted for further sales information.

I am currently finishing my PhD in curriculum studies and technology education which has allowed me to look at the culture and presence of art in cyberspace.. As part of my academic work, I have initiated an online visual study called Cyberart as Psychological Tool. Please check it out and contribute if you feel moved to (see the Praxis section).

We continue to be open to new submissions of quality art for all four of our galleries: the Promenade, Sanctum, Atrium and Millennium Galleries. Artists who are currently showing in our Promenade Gallery are eligible to join the Atrium Gallery as well. For new members without their own website, spaces may be negotiated in the Sanctum Gallery. I can create an unique web environment for your work on a select basis. Email me  for details. If your work reflects the energy of the 21st Century, feel free to submit it for display in our Millennium Gallery. 

Our artists' news section  "Pegasus News 'n Views"  is open for your viewing interest. Here, current features, press and news from our members are displayed to honor our fine artists as they gain recognition in the art world. These artists are bound to attract the attention of many, around the globe.

We also now offer a Pegasus Community Forum section for members of the Pegasus Community as well as artists and art lovers in general. Please come and join the dialogue about creating and appreciating quality art of all kinds.

We offer popular Pegasus Design & Art Awards . Check the newest winners' sites out HERE! These awards are not a cinch to win - these sites glow with quality, artistic talent and valuable content.

Our most recent poll Viewer's Choice has just finished: our talented winner was DR. HARMEER SINGH. Our new poll is now running until  May 10th and is ready for your vote. Go here to choose this week's winner. 

Please do drop me a line, with any questions or suggestions. Also, Please continue to spread the word about this great service!

Wishing You All the Best, 

June Kaminski, MSN
Visions of Adonai Fine Art & Design


Winner: May 3rd, 2005 




Calin Apetroaie